Trucking School

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Trucking School

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We know what you may be thinking: Trucking school is not for you.

Maybe you are uncertain if you can manage such a large vehicle with a tractor trailer behind you. Maybe you have heard the horror stories—both real and fictional—about trucking and you do not want to deal with the danger or the liability.

Maybe the whole concept of “trucker school” seems odd to you because you say to yourself, “Do truckers really need to go to school? I thought they just get a job with a truck and go.”

Perhaps you think trucking school is more difficult than it really is. On the other hand, maybe you think it would be too easy to make it worthwhile.

Whatever your ideas about trucking school or concerns about trucking may be, you can rest assured that the professionals at Putnam Professional School of Driving, INC have heard them all. Because of that fact, you can be confident that we will take you through the most thorough CDL training program, addressing your concerns by instilling you with the skills to take on the open road.

The trucking school at Putnam Professional School of Driving, INC is rigorous and rapid, getting you ready to ride in only a few weeks’ time.

Do you meet the federal requirements to hold a CDL? Then you qualify for our trucking school! It is just that easy! After you have taken part in our training, you will see just how easy it is to gain employment and begin driving in a very short time.

Going for trucking school at Putnam Professional School of Driving, INC is a no-brainer, especially for smart people like you who know a valuable opportunity when you see it.

If you are in the Brewster, NY area, come visit us and see what our trucking school can do for you!